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John Howard’s second CD released September 10, 2015 is a collection of 10 songs and is titled Sunlight and includes the single Shes Gone. This music is John at his finest. He has been compared to Jimmy Buffet. His music is said to be: “socially aware songwriting with a high degree of musicianship.” This is music that makes you come back time and time again to listen to and travel with John on his journey thru this life.

Thank you to all the talented Sarasota musicians who contributed to making this a real local production

The Players:

John Howard Sunlight CD inner sleeve left

John Howard…….. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Johnny Lala………. Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Jon Nilsen……………. Electric Guitar
Matt Baker………….. Electric Guitar Mandolin
Al Fuller………………. Electric Guitar
Greg Voorhees……. Upright Bass
DD Decker……………. Bass Guitar
Joe Hendricks…….. Drums
Eddie Kinder……….. Keyboard
Stacy Jo Conner…. Support Vocals
James Albritton…. Support Vocals
Mindy Simmons…. Support Vocals

John Howard Sunlight CD inner sleeve rightAll songs produced and mixed by
Aric Frank at Nova Sango Productions

Recorded at Nova Sango Productions
and Blue Rock Bakery, Sarasota FL.

Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions

Cover Art Dimas Reyes, Kingdom Studio

Jacket & CD Design by Beth Hammer at

Contact John at 941.928.1236

“More in the style of Jimmy Buffet thank hank williams, Howard is happy enough to place his song(s in the)… tradition of storytelling”. Paul Adams BBC News

“John Howard is an outstanding song writer who paints a picture for you in every song” – ted Sipes, “Teds Head” on 96.5 WSLR Radio

“Americana you can groove to…” Sir Groovy Reviewer

“A Master storyteller with a country rock soul” – Leonard Felson

  1. John Howard Sunlight CD back coverShe’s Gone – 4:05
  2. Sunlight (Cindy’s Song) – 4:13
  3. Bridges Are Burning – 3:16
  4. Broken Wings – 4:16
  5. The Promise – 3:40
  6. She Ain’t the Kind of Girl – 3:20
  7. Travelers in the Night – 3:54
  8. Julianne – 3:30
  9. The Time Has Come – 3:55
  10. If I could Stay Asleep – 4:27


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